Anyone, individual, or organization can be a member of ACC, independently of the nationality or country of residence. The membership gives access to ACC resources and networks, assuring the creation of solid relationships and networks.

ACC verifies all applications for membership, and not all applications are successful. All individual applications are backed up with documentation and subject of ID verification. The same apply for organisations and institutions.

There are 3 membership levels:

  1. Associate. This is the initial Membership given to all applicants. It gives access to basic information on and invitations on most of the ACC activities. There are no membership dues for Associates.
  2. Member. A Member can access the ACC network of social, legal, and business advisers; be recommended and introduced to other members that agree to connect in social or business dealings. Dues: Individual 50€ and Organisation 200€ per year.
  3. Voting Member. Any Member becomes a Voting Member after 5 years of uninterrupted membership. A Voting Member participates in the ACC Assembly and can elect or be elected to the Board of Advisors and the Board of Directors.
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